The Growing Popularity of Jeanneret’s Iconic Chandigarh Chairs

The work of Swiss designer and architect Pierre Jeanneret is finding its way into the lives of collectors, trendsetters and celebrities around the world. If you have been considering investing in a Pierre Jeanneret chair of your own, here is a bit of information about the history of these iconic design pieces.

The Origins of the Jeanneret Lounge Chair

The Chandigarh chairs were created when Jeanneret was working alongside the renowned architect Le Corbousier, who had received a commission to construct a brand-new city in post-Independence India. This new city was supposed to be filled with modernist design and architecture, acting as a visual representation of a nation that was moving confidently into the future.

Pierre Jeanneret took responsibility for overseeing a variety of civic and housing projects and worked alongside an Indian team of developers and architects to design Panjab University. During this time, he also worked alongside local craftsmen to design furniture for each of these buildings, taking care to source local, readily-available materials that would be certain to stand the test of time in an Indian climate. Thus, the legendary Jeanneret dining chair  and lounge chair were born.

The Price of Evolving Tastes

During the 1980s, tastes were changing, and much of Jeanneret’s furniture was replaced by sleeker styles. Pieces were taken to junkyards, thrown away or used as firewood, but it wouldn’t be too long before the surviving pieces were commanding high price tags in the West.
Jeanneret’s furniture was purchased, restored and resold by renowned gallerists and dealers from Paris in the late 1990s. In fact, it wasn’t until many years later that officials and citizens in Chandigarh realized that the Jeanneret furniture they perceived as "junk" was commanding six-figure sums halfway around the world.

Selecting Your Pierre Jeanneret Chair

Although originals are difficult to find, there are a variety of quality reproductions of both the Jeanneret lounge chair and the Jeanneret dining chair that have been handcrafted using the same materials and techniques used in the 1950s. From an upholstered Jeanneret lounge chair, either with or without arms, to floating office armchairs and minimal benches, the silhouettes of these breathtakingly beautiful pieces are immediately recognizable.

Complete your Socializing Space with a Jeanneret Dining Chair

If a Jeanneret lounge chair isn’t quite what you had in mind, a Jeanneret dining chair or two could be just the piece to complete the primary socializing space in your home. The combination of teak, rattan and natural wicker delivers in terms of both form and function and is certain to make the right impression on your guests.
His focus on creating elegant pieces with minimalist silhouettes is a significant part of the reason a Pierre Jeanneret chair is now considered a piece of classic design, alongside his benches, bookshelves, desks and tables. The growing attention being afforded to these beautiful design pieces is much-deserved as they still have a place in the hearts and interior styles of many people.


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