FOROM X Jessalyn Brooks

This is Forom's first capsule collection collaborated with an artist. For our premier rug line, Forom wanted to collaborate with an artist that aligned with our aesthetic and further revealed a transformation of the medium – in this case, hand-tufted rugs. Based in Los Angeles, Jessalyn Brooks embodies the soul of an artist – she is not only a painter but also a jazz singer.

 Jessalyn’s work represents the discussion of the female form and its role in power dynamics, symbolism, and spirituality. Her work can be seen in murals and galleries across LA, London, and New York. This collection is based on a series of drawings that she created in the height of the pandemic as a response to her new relationship with spirituality. While her vibrant paintings are more in conversation with surrealistic aspects, these drawings are more mathematical – blatant in their abstraction.

 To Jessalyn, the two mediums guide each other. “The math sort of gives permission to the surreal. It's like, If you can work it out on paper with reason, you can paint away what is unknowable. These drawings were the door opening up to that realization.”

 The series was called “Ascend for me, Baby.”