Must-Know Tips for Creating a Balanced Home Décor

Must-Know Tips for Creating a Balanced Home Décor

Whether you rent or own a home, you probably want your living space to be an extension of yourself. Your perfect layout should maintain some balance in your home, but it can also vary quite a bit from other peoples’ styles. While one resident may love simple and neutral tones with a minimalist theme, another might enjoy a mid-century modern aesthetic with pops of bright colors.

Here are a few must-know tips for creating a balanced home décor so that you can truly feel at home. From adding color to playing around with décor sizes, you can do many things to make your space feel welcoming.

Add a Pop of Color

Adding color is one of the most straightforward must-know tips for creating a balanced home décor that isn't overwhelming or too bland. Stale white walls can make a home feel washed out and sterile. Depending on the amount of space you can work with, adding an accent color can help bring out the personality of a home.

If you can’t paint your walls, try including a couple of colorful throw pillows on your couch, a brightly colored lamp on your end table, or some framed gold flake art along the walls.

Play Around With Accessories

Having a room with just a couch, coffee table, and television might not add enough ambiance to a room. So consider getting more pieces to make it feel more lived in. You can add an accent Pierre Jeanneret lounge chair to allow more seating space and enhance a room with its geometric wicker design.

If you don’t have the room for additional seating, you can work your way up by decorating the walls. Framed photographs, canvas prints, and a ceiling light fixture can create a relaxing, cozy feel for your living space.

Use Bold or Heavier Pieces

Having an appropriate amount of furniture and accessories that don’t swallow up a room or leave it empty is what creates balance. You can try to think like Goldilocks and get things “just right” in your home.

For example, if you have a tall bookshelf in the corner of your living room, try to balance it out with something bold or heavy on the opposite side of the room. This can apply to any space. You can have a bed on one end and a dresser on the other in your bedroom.

Keep It Simple

Furniture with too many contrasting patterns can feel out of place. Therefore, a way to make your living space feel more balanced is to seek simplicity. If you have a couch and coffee table with neutral colors, you can add a couple of colorful throw pillows and blankets to emphasize the coziness.

Another way to keep things simple is to play with height. If your living room has tall ceilings, then use furniture and decorations to your advantage. Use taller furniture and higher wall décor to emphasize the lateral space. This can add interest to the living room without overwhelming it with busy patterns and accessories. It’s all about not going overboard while placing enough décor to keep things perfect.