The Top 5 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

The Top 5 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Taking the time to consider what kind of style you want for your home matters. It reflects your personal tastes either in a subtle or obvious way. So here are the top five most popular interior design styles to consider for your home.

Mid-Century Modern

After the Second World War, mid-century modern interior design started to grab the attention of the American people. Mid-century modern shines best with open-planned interiors and Scandinavian design influences. It stands the test of time with vinyl, plywood, and fiberglass pieces. Also, this style has oodles of warm and earthy colors, such as orange, yellow, brown, and green. It’s no surprise that mid-century modern sits so high in today’s list of the most popular interior design styles.

Coastal Style

When it comes to the coastal interior design style, it’s like a breath of fresh air and stepping into a beach paradise. It feels refreshing, relaxing, and exciting to be in; it’s embellished with oceanic elements and creates a naturally lit aesthetic.

Colors such as aqua, turquoise, teal, gold, and other shades of blue help accentuate the feeling of going to the beach. Also, use decorations such as seashells, nautical themes, and ropes. Lastly, natural light plays a massive role in making the room feel like you’re on vacation.

Bohemian Style

The term “boho” or “boho-chic” has made a prominent appearance in everyday slang over the last few years, especially when it comes to interior design. Bohemian styles capture the feeling of free-mindedness and spiritual freedom, unconstrained by social norms.

Bohemian styles give off a sense of a busy space. It’s a mixture of old and new styles while playing with flamboyant tones, prints, and patterns. It’s a great style if you love a mish-mash of colors, textures, and creativity.

Traditional Style

The traditional interior design style is effortless and timeless because it turns to the past creative ideas for the future. It pulls inspiration from classic suggestions, brings in time-tested elements, and adds an extra layer of personality in the modern era.

While backdrops maintain a pale and straightforward aesthetic with rich colors and lines, traditional styles focus on silhouettes. This includes elaborate furniture pieces, claw-footed tables, and wing-backed chairs inspired by eighteenth-century English, French Country, Colonial, or Neoclassical eras.

Modern Style

The modern interior design style fits perfectly by celebrating material, technology, and authenticity. Since the Modernist style made traction at the beginning of the twentieth century, it’s the interwoven relationship between space and aesthetics.

Modern styles influence geometry, angles, and lines while keeping neutral and metallic colors. You can find modern furniture pieces and décor through modern style furniture stores, such as Forom, to get the futuristic look you desire.