5 Things To Know About Contemporary Modern Style

5 Things To Know About Contemporary Modern Style

Changing up the style and feel of your home is an excellent way to refresh your residence. Finding the perfect theme comes with experimentation and observation. However, the contemporary modern style makes a fantastic choice for any home. Here are five things to know about how to incorporate the contemporary modern style into any room.

Contemporary vs. Modern

Many observers believe that modern and contemporary styles are interchangeable. In reality, there are a few differences between contemporary and modern styles that make them distinct. While modern design refers to an era that has passed, contemporary design focuses on current and future styles.

Contemporary design sticks with strict neutral palettes, including white, grey, and black, while modern design colors are more earthy, including natural colors such as browns, olive green, rust, and turquoise.

Things To Know About Contemporary Modern Styles

Open-Space Feel

One thing to know when it comes to contemporary modern style is that it creates a sense of spaciousness and openness in your home. It maximizes open spaces for a seamless flow from one room to another, creating a homogenous feel. Large windows, natural lighting, and minimal use of furniture sets the scene for a spacious room designed using contemporary modern styles.

Clean Lines and Simple Shapes

One way that contemporary modern style stands out is through crisp lines and simple shapes. Depending on the room, angular, geometric, or soft, curvy shapes may work well for contemporary modern styles.

Lines should remain strong and distinct. Simple ways to maximize strong, bold lines in your home include highlighting bold color blocks, bare windows, and high ceilings.

Incorporates Organic Accents

If you’ve chosen a contemporary modern style for your home, you’ll likely stick to neutral tones and natural materials. However, you can soften harsh lines and angles by adding organic accents.

You can add greenery, a bowl of fruit, and wooden coasters to break up aggressive curves and lines. It’s an excellent way to make the home feel less intimidating.

Minimalist Décor

Because contemporary modern styles focus on openness and neutral tones, you don’t want to overwhelm the space with loud, large furniture or décor. Instead, pull back from filling the space and play around with different textures and materials to keep the design cohesive but not monotonous.

You can find furniture from online furniture stores like Forom that make perfect focal pieces. The point is to keep things minimal and open.

Neutral Tones and Colors

It’s best to avoid bright, overwhelming colors when you aim for contemporary modern styles. You can opt for neutral beiges, whites, and shades of black.

However, you can also incorporate accent colors in the form of earthy tones. Because contemporary modern styles focus on a more natural appearance, sticking with neutrals will help the space appear more cohesive.