5 Emerging Modern Interior Design Trends in 2022

5 Emerging Modern Interior Design Trends in 2022

When you look around your home, does it feel tired and out-of-date? If so, you take it into your own hands and refresh the place. However, you aren’t sure what to change and if it will stand the test of time. Here are five emerging modern interior design trends in 2022 you should consider.

Multifunctional Space

Single-use spaces are starting to fade to obscurity when living in a home. Long gone are the days of subjecting a room to a specific niche. Instead, consider the emerging modern interior design trend of making it a multifunctional space.

Homeowners should consider how many activities can permit in a single room. Consider making your guest room a storage space. Additionally, you can make the front sitting area of your home a green room for your growing plants. Think of how much you can do in a single space and use it to your advantage.

‘70s Throwback

Sometimes giving your space a retro touch can quickly spruce up a home. Consider taking influence from the 1970s, such as using moss green, warm neutrals, and burnt oranges to brighten the place. You can also find vintage suede couches, patterned lampshades, and loud throw rugs to give your space some extra personality.

To achieve a 1970s-feel, visit your local antique stores, markets, and fairs to find the exact pieces you’re looking for. Additionally, you can purchase vintage furniture and décor online through trusted websites. Lastly, find online furniture stores, like Forom LLC, to shop for the perfect pieces.

A Touch of Nature

If there’s one thing many homeowners want, it’s to get in touch with nature. Over the past few years, being cooped up indoors has made everyone feel manic. So one of the new interior design trends is bringing nature inside. Finding houseplants that remain sturdy and beautiful is vital for making your home feel lived in.

Plants like pothos, rubber, ZZ, and snake plants can bring out your green thumb. However, if you can’t commit to natural plants, you can always find fake ones online or in person.

Textures and Color

Walking into a sterile, gray home becomes less inviting over time. So you can opt for some additional color without redoing your entire home. You can find colorful throw pillows for your couch, an accent patterned rug for the living room, and add wallpaper to an accent wall for a pop of color.

Additionally, you can experiment with different textures to interact with your guests. You can find table centerpieces with various materials and scents, textured wall art, and fuzzy throw blankets.

At-Home Office Spaces

As more businesses allow for remote work, many homeowners have an easier time working from home. One of the trends to consider is creating your own office space at home. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be only a desk and chair; you can purchase a couch for visiting clients, add wall art, and even have a mini-fridge for your favorite afternoon snacks.